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ED Basecamp is an e-learning platform consisting of the highly regarded Math Bootcamp and Science Bootcamp curriculum currently used in K-8 schools throughout the nation. ED Basecamp is your schools' online resource used to support classroom curriculum or as an intervention. It is the go-to when you need a technology-based center or a stay-at-home learning management system (LMS) on those occasions that your students have to learn from the home. And most importantly, our curriculum is aligned to state standards, helps build depth of knowledge, and maintains the skills learned.

ED Basecamp was created by the team of curriculum experts at the Florida-based publishing company, Educational Bootcamp (formerly, J & J Educational

Bootcamp). Established in 2005, Educational Bootcamp was founded with the purpose of strengthening the testing aptitude of school-aged students grades K - 8. The company created two primary curriculum focal points: Science Bootcamp and Math Bootcamp. We created our Bootcamp products in our quest to provide teachers with an intense and robust intervention solution to build depth of knowledge (DOK) while making learning fun. With our games, hands-on activities, assessments, and other vigorous strategies geared to reach all learning types, our methods have proven to be effective in helping teachers develop mastery of mathematics and science skills and the preparation of students for standardized testing. 

With ED Basecamp, your teachers and students can experience

the same phenomenal results of Science and Math Bootcamp,

whether you're in the classroom or at home.

Start Online Lessons At Once

  • Ready-made Math and Science Bootcamp courses

  • Updated content added as necessary

  • Created by e-learning and content experts

  • Animated & interactive with quizzes and games

  • Ready to use instantly with an ED Basecamp subscription


Connect Face-to-Face, Even When Apart

  • Conduct virtual math and science lessons aligned to the state standards right on the ED Basecamp platform

  • Integrate video conferencing tools like Zoom or our conference room ("Big Blue Button Room") to keep your lessons feeling like a classroom setting


Set Up Online Classroom in a Few Clicks

  • Forget about extensive training sessions, installation guides, and formal slow implementation

  • Everything is intuitive and ready to use

  • Just sign up, add users, select your standards in the order you like to teach, and you are good to go


Gain Insights with Reports

  • See how students skyrocket when using the Math and Science Bootcamp resources within our ED Basecamp platform

  • Provide highly effective assistance to students that may need additional support, and see how online teaching      at its best can help students develop mastery of the standards and prepare them for testing

  • Generate clear reports about everything that happens inside your ED Basecamp hub

  • Progress reports are available for the students, parents, teachers, and administrators, both at the school and district levels


Additional Services

  • Professional Development

  • E-learning teacher training sessions on the use of the ED Basecamp platform

  • E-learning teacher training sessions on the proper implementation of the Math and Science Bootcamp curriculum

  • Master plan points offered to schools and school districts

  • Weekly learning communities

  • Online Coaching and Consulting

  • Online class modeling

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