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The Speed Bag Game allows students to create 20-second illustrations representing the science concepts indicated on the Georgia Standards of Excellence. These drawings help students build a frame of reference that can later be used on the Georgia Milestones Assessment.

The Speed Bag student booklet includes passages and SSA practice questions that may be used as a classroom activity, assessment, or integration to science during art class. The practice booklet also provides graphic organizers, writing, and vocabulary activities. These aspects of Speed Bags help students retain and review the content afterward.

SPEED BAG  Front Cover G3 - GA.png
SPEED BAG  Front Cover G4 - GA.png
SPEED BAG Front Cover G5 - GA.png
SPEED BAG Front Cover Grade 8 - GA.png

Science Bootcamp Speed Bag Student Booklets 

Science Bootcamp Speed Bag Teacher's Edition

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